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Early 911S Registry

For Sale:
Porsche Fuchs
Set of 4 early deep lipped 6jx15's.
Set of 4 later 6jx15's refinished by Robert Woods, mounted w/195/65/ZR RE71's.
Set of 4 7&8x15's.
6 misc. single 6jx15's

Serious only please. Best offers. Pics on request.

916 798-5573 or carrera@accessbee.com


For Sale:
Hella 118 European Horn Grill Fog and Driving Lights
I have 3 types of these lights for sale...all NOS:
A) Chrome body European (narrow rim, larger lense) fog lights, clear fluted lense, clear reflector, NOS $500 per pair.

B) Chrome body European (narrow rim, large lense) fog lights, clear fluted lense, YELLOW reflector, NOS $550 per pair.

C) Black body European (narrow rim, large lense) driving lights, not Fog. These were OE for the 914/6 and are identical to the Chrome body 911 version...they are just black. NOS, $500 per pair.

Contact: Eric Linden, elinden@earthlink.net


For Sale:
914/6 GT-type Steering Wheel
Narrow diameter 911-type that will fit 914s or 911s. $275.00

NOS Fatory 3-piece Aluminum Muffler Skirt
for 69-73 911. $350.00

Narrow-Duct, Under Dash A/C Duct Panel
Nice condition. $100

Bosch Original Equipment Aluminum Fuel Filters
No longer available. $60.00 each

Rear Wiper/Motor/Assembly
for 69-73. Black. Original factory equipment. Real nice condition. $350.00

Contact: Bob D'Vola, 818-505-8907


New, Full Set (6) Mahle 2.2S  84-mm Pistons and Cylinders, 9.8 to 1 Compression.

Please contact walkerkmeg@aol.com


For Sale:
RS Rally Gas Tank 1973 Porsche 911
A very rare, factory Porsche Rally 85-100 liter light grey color plastic gas tank in overall very good condition. ID number on top front of tank has this information:  K Kurz Hessental KG TU1-029 01722. There is a circle below this ID number, with "1973" in the center, and small numbers radiating like a clock around the circle.

This part is so uncommon, I can't find much information on it, but my Porsche mechanic said he believed this tank had 100 liter (about 27 US Gallon) capacity. A smaller 85-87 liter RS Rally tank was also available in 1973. He has serviced and raced Porsches since 1957, and verified this as a genuine RS Rally Tank. This is a rare part available on early 911 RS and Rally cars, and a special order option on street cars.

Factory original part believed to be from a 1973 911 Rally car or 911S. It has the Aluminum, tube-type sending unit. Two brass? outlet fittings at the bottom-(these may have filters in one or both?).

Note from photos the light, undercoating on bottom of tank. This removes with solvent or other plastic-safe cleaner.  Scratches on bottom of tank, but no scratches through plastic, of course.  I have loads of other 1965-1974 911 and 912 parts I am selling, none this rare however.

Contact Jim at 425-603-9612


For Sale:
Early Porsche 911 Parts
Early 911 headers with special heat boxes. $ 250.00
Early 911 electric window setup for 911 $ 400.00
Rear early chrome quarter windows $ 40.00
Rear 911 stop light housings $ 100.00 for the pair
Aluminum pressure plate for 915 box $ 130.00
Red rear 911 seats $ 150.00
Early retractable seat belt kit $ 150.00
Ignition switch with key $ 55.00
1972 &endash; 1973 side mirror OEM with seal. $ 150.00
Early engine tin complete $ 100.00
Early Alum engine grill "nice" $ 100.00
Early 911 "s" gauge set complete "as new" $ 500
Early flywheel bolts $ 40.00
Headlight assemblies " new" $ 75.00 for the pair
New outside early door handle $ 90.00
Outside early door handle $ 50.00
Drivers side targa wing window w/frame $ 45.00
Early 911 "s" koni struts w/ good inserts $ 400.00 pair
Newly painted rear bumpers 69-73 $ 150.00
1969 -1973Rear bumper guards $ 60.00 set
Mega fones the pair $80.00
New 70-71 901 sachs clutch disk. $ 140.00
New throw out bearing $ 75.00
Hardly used pedal assembly $ 100.00
Chrome Qtr window hinges $ 75.00 pair
New 69-73 front bumper seal $ 20.00
Chrome new headlight rims $ 50.00 pair
Sunroof wind deflectors (3 piece) $ 135.00
Early sport seat belt receptors $ 45.00
4 piston Bremo front brake calipers (the pair) $ 180.00

Contact: Jeff Gates gate10@earthlink.net


For Sale:
Early 911 Factory Shop Manuals
This is a 2 volume set of Workshop Manuals for the early 911 Porsche. It consists of two red vinyl loose leaf binders. I believe they cover 1968 through 1971. The cover sheet in Volume I says 1965 Edition however there are pages with revisions through 1972. Vol I (Ref. No. 4805.20) covers Engine & Clutch; Fuel System; Steering Gear & Front Axle; Rear Axle & Transmission; Wheel Alignment; and Tire, Brakes, & Wheels. Vol II covers Body: Lights & Electrical System, Maintenance & Lubrication; Technical Data; and Technical Remarks, Accessories. $150.00 plus shipping costs.

Contact: Bob DuFosee cayucan@charter.net


For Sale:
One pair of '73 911 oval peanut shaped headrests:
lack vinyl but needs re-upholstering. $120 plus shipping.

Contact: mrimorton1@hotmail.com


For Sale:
1974 2.7 911S engine
Low original miles and regular maintenance. Has hydraulic chain tensioner upgrade along with turbo valve covers. Mint condition. $3300 OBO

Contact: Bruce Hunt, 509-838-8353 or bhunt@ipeg.com


72-73 Interior Door Panels
in good condition for manual windows

Please E-mail rwhite1303@aol.com


For Sale:
The 911 & 912 Porsche by Dr. B. Johnson. Like new, I ended up with two copies. $20.00

1972-73 Porsche Factory Parts Book in the red binder, excellant condition $125.00.

Contact: Bill Cilker, Jr., email: cilkerwjr@aol.com


Tan Sport Seats
for 1973.5T Targa with tan interior. Have originals in great condition for possible trade.

For Sale:
Original factory AC
for 1973.5T in excellent condition throughout, black. Best offer over $2,250.

Please email @ reeseo@snet.net, or 860-868-4000 in CT.


901 Transmission
in need of rebuild OK. Also, 901 and 904 transmission parts, lightweight flywheel, ...

Please email me at: ervikingo@hotmail.com.

Juan E. Lopez - Ft. Lauderdale


For Sale:
Hella 118 H1 Driving lights, aka "italian driving lights"
This a pair of new, original, never been on a car H1 driving lights. They have the large diameter lens, with a fog pattern, and take a H1 bulb. They were called "italian driving lights". They have a shorter, wider beam pattern perfect for twisty roads. I do not have the brackets. Asking $650.

E-mail me for pictures, georgeskromp@hotmail.com


For Sale:
Horn Grill Lights
One pair NOS US version fog lights for horn grill, in factory boxes, perfect. $500.00

One Pair, NOS Euro 914/6 Driving Lights
Black body, otherwise identical to the Euro 911 driving lights...takes H-3 bulb. $500.00

Buyer pays shipping.

Contact: Eric Linden, elinden@earthlink.net or 206 632-5158


For Sale
Parts and Stuff
Jack. Bought new & used twice then the jack point crushed, this slightly warped the screw $50; Sunvisor, Heatsheild for 911, $15;  Oil filter, 930 107 764 00 $5;  Fuel filter, Bosch (1.457.434.010-850) for MFI, cost was $50, yours today for only $25,  Rocker Panel (right side?) 911.501.123.03, $30;  Old issues of the 911S Registry, Vol. 3 issues 1, 2 & 4 (copies), Vol. 4 1-4 (copies), Vol 5-Vol 8 complete, Vol 9 issue 1 (the cursed printing) & two of issues of 3, Vol 10 issues 1, 2 & 4.  $3 ea. or $50 for the lot.  Buyer pays shipping. 

Please contact Andrew with any questions at Andewah@aol.com or call 208.771.0755


For Sale:
2.7 RS Spec Engine
This engine is ready for the true Porsche enthusiast who wants over 210 HP in an original way. Sure you can drop a 3.2 in your old Porsche but were is the fun in revving your engine to just a little over 6,000 rpms when you can have over 7,200 and really feel like a part of history!

I have used only the best parts and machining:
The MFI was completely rebuilt with the 2.7 space cam and calibrated to full RS spec by Gus at Pacific Injection, the throttle bodies were rebuilt by Super Tec in Orange County and linkage, nuts and bolts were cadplated as original. The machine work was done by Competition Engineering www.competitionege.com A 1974 S case was used which was line bored, shuffle pinned, updated oil galleys. Late model Carrera oil pump and Raceware head studs were installed as well as a standard crank and all new ARP rod bearing and new main bearings.

The pistons are Mahle 2.7 RS with the RS Mahle cylinders with new German rings, while the MFI heads were ported, polished and flowed and the valve job included new guides, titanium valve keepers and some new valves; work was done by Russ at Arroyo Engineering and new S cams were used. The final assembly was finished by Roger Sheridan www.ultimate914.com

Contact: Chris Aber 805-374-2204 or email aberooney@earthlink.net


2.4 liter Engine Case and Crank for a 1972-73 engine rebuild.
Case should have oil squirters and be in good original condition. Email asking price and info to:


2 NEW Yokohama AVS Intermediates 215 x 60 x15's

Contact: Chuck Miller cmiller14@socal.rr.com (818) 701-5342


For Sale:
1970 911 ST Race Seat
This is an exact replica of the 1970 911 ST seat. made by the infamous Rob Peterson. The craftsmanship is perfect. The sliders on the bottom are for 1965 - 1973 911s. this was the last piece of work by Rob before his unfortunate retirement. This seat is new. it cost me $1250. my price is $950. There are others in the US and Europe that are making these seats but none compare to the quality of Rob's seats.

1 Set of Four 8x9x15 Fuchs
As used on the factory 74 3.0 Rs's AS new condition. these are straight wheels that were just completely re-done (in the proper texture) by Harvey Weidman. Price is $2750 buyer pays shipping.

1967 R wheels 7x15
1 Pair (2) Genuine 15x7 Porsche 911 R wheels in straight and true condition just re-anodized by Al Reed in California. with new Pirelli P6000 215/60 R15 tires. $2950 buyer pays shipping...

Contact Rick at eurotech@together.net

8/23/02, revised 8/28/02

For Sale:
Sport Seats
Redone within the past year by Autos International, Perforated leather. COMPLETE REBUILD with powder coated seat frames. Used less than 1000 miles. These are perfect! For pictures go to: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1852535298

or any good offers and I will end the auction early if my reserve has not been reached.

Bill Woods, 800.988.5097, woods@hcis.net


For Sale:
Early Porsche 911 stainless steel muffler skirt
Correct through 1973. Very good condition. Includes fasteners. $350.

Pics of muffler skirt available. Please contact seller.

Early Porsche 911 Italian Front Turn Signal Assemblies
These are the complete European assemblies with two bulbs, not just the lenses. The lenses do not have chrome trim, so the included lenses would not be "correct" for the earliest cars. The buckets are chromed. They are new old stock parts in their original boxes, never on a car. The lens is essentially the reverse of the European lens, that is, the Italian lens has a large silver/white section, with a small amber section. Check out the white Carerra RS on the cover of Excellence a few months ago. They look very cool. $350.

Extra pair of Italian front turn signal lenses. $75.

Early Porsche 911 tool kit.
Complete, with fuses, hand towel, etc. Very good condition. $500.

(4) 1972-1973 Porsche 911 engine grill.
Original black anodized. Good condition. $150.

No trades. Buyer pays shipping (prices below do not include shipping).

Contact Mark at carlson.mark@dorseylaw.com.

7/30/02 updated, 8/22/02

For Sale:
Rare NOS Stainless Steel Muffler Skirt for SWB 911s through 1968
The set is new never mounted, $450 for set or trade for 69 to 73 NOS skirt.

Contact: Frank Ehrentraud, frank4911parts@sprint.ca


One (1) each early 911-Mahle Alloy Wheel
Commonly referred too as the Gas-burner, or Gas-Plate, Porsche P/N: 901.361.017.00. Optional on 911's and 914/6 in 70-72 time period.

Price and description to: vincecappelletti@prodigy.net, Tel: 239-498-6461 or Fax: 239-498-3183


For Sale:
Four (4) Excellent 5.5" x 15" Fuch Alloys
901.361.012.06. Black with anodized spokes. Fitted with TOYO Z Radials: 215/60HR15. Approx. half tread remaining. Asking $900.00 + shipping.

One (1) Excellent 5.5" x 15" Fuch Alloy
Also: 901.361.012.06, but Gold painted center and anodized spokes. Fitted with Dunlop tire with little useable tread. Asking $200 + shipping.

Contact: vincecappelletti@prodigy.net

Vince Cappelletti
Bonita Springs, FL.


For Sale:
New Correct Sport Seats
Recovered by autos international in black German perforated leather, add $2,500.00. Original seats offered for above price

New Refurbished Wheels by Al Reed
Add: $1,600.00. Non-refurbished wheels offered with above price.

Email: mwalker09@aol.com for further information and pictures.

6/4/02 updated, 8/22/02

4.5 X 15 Fuchs
One 4.5 X 15 Fuchs to use as a spare, it need not be in perfect condition.

Contact: Richard Thorpe, kissov@earthlink.net


For Sale:
New A.I.R. 911R Fiberglass Fenders
Opened once. In original box, perfect for that "R gruppe" project or vintage race car. Fenders $350.00 obo + shipping.

An exceptional pair of black door panels from a late 1965 911
Never drilled for speakers, the side pockets are perfect. They Do Not have the chrome trim piece of the early S. The top bolsters are included and equally nice.

Door panels $100.00 obo,

Contact: Woody @ precdoorinstall@aol.com

5/24/02 updated, 6/5/02

For Sale:
2.0L engine from 1969 911E
Completely rebuilt to "S" specs (crank, rods, pistons), although with original "E" cams, approximately 15K miles ago. Original MFI. Runs strong! A great upgrade for most any 65-69 911. $3500.00 obo.

Contact: Howard, Richmond, CA, (510) 965-9530, email: fjzz@ebpmg.com


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